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Tenth Generation

406. Horst-Eberhardt VON HORSTIG was born on 8 Mar 1921 in Braunschweig. Leutnant zur See von Horstig was the Second Watch Officer on the U-595 in 1942. On her third and last war cruise the U-595 on 14 Nov 1942 was caught on the surface and attacked by British aircraft off Cape Tenes, Algeria. Upon diving and finding herself unable to stay submerged because of the damage sustained, she surfaced and made for land. After a run of about 4 hrs under constant air attack, she ran aground and was scuttled off Cape Khamis east of Oran. The crew was captured and put aboard a US Army transport in Oran for transfer to the US were they arrived Nov 30. For details see Navy Department, Washington, “Report on the interrogation of survivors from U-595 sunk on November 14, 1942”, O.N.I.250-G/Serial 8.

In 1974 Horst Eberhard lived: Buchenring 20 - 6078 Zeppelinheim.

Horst-Eberhardt VON HORSTIG and Marianne Gertrud KYN were married on 24 Oct 1954. Marianne Gertrud KYN was born on 15 Apr 1924 in Eger, DE. Horst-Eberhardt VON HORSTIG and Marianne Gertrud KYN had the following children:



Christiane Beate Dorothée VON HORSTIG.